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Impressed by the new feature wall panels in your neighbour’s home? Are you thinking of remodelling the wall panels in your home too?

As part of your home renovation project, are you thinking of a complete makeover for your home that includes a feature walls tiling, or a new wall covering with a decorative element, or are you thinking about just accenting your retaining walls?

When it comes to feature walls, there is a lot that can be said and done. It has a magnetic appeal about it and when people step into a room, notices it instantly and it becomes one of the most important aspects of the room.

The colour, design, lighting, texture, finish, pattern and treatment are all added elements that contribute to a final, beautifully finished feature walls Cherrybrook.

The trained painters of All Unique Painting engage in specialised feature walls painting and designing. We work in domestic, commercial and industrial segments and we create feature walls for any section or area of the building that you want highlighted or accented. Retaining walls or walls made of sandstone are all part of our feature walls Cherrybrook.

For elegant, classy and well-designed Cherrybrook feature walls, wall covering and limestone walls with accents and features, you may reach out to the painting specialists, All Unique Painting Pty Ltd via email or you can speak to us anytime on 0412 624 228.

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